思い込みの怖さを今知ろうI am sense wax now in the fearfulness of the wrong impression.

What wrong impression do you have?

” Because I don’t have the ability to do this work ”

” I wasn’t lean even if it dieted itself and also I am the same ”

” I am certainly shaken even if it meets a nice person also, I am the same this time, too, ”

” the possibility that it becomes possible now to earn money above relents ”

” It isn’t possible to make reconciliation being parents ”

If coming up with it variously, I come out from the small one more to the big one.

If saying the wrong impression which I had

” Hard, too, and also I may fail “.

” I am not the type that I do flotation ”

” My fingertip isn’t dexterous ”

The and all that

Well, how do I think at present? When saying, I am ” I fancied weak but I may be being actually made ”

For a wrong impression to be made, there is a chance variously.
I say that it to have said that didn’t fit you who failed once is impossible generally.

In spite of hearing well, is there not such an expression?

Saying ” the character doesn’t change ”

For example, I am ” I am short-tempered “, and ” preciseness ” and ” I think only in the one which is always worse ” and so on.

I think that this is rather ” the condition which the person falls into now ” than ” the character ”


Of course, I think that there is a good point which the each of the persons has.
it is a blaze, coming from the essence of the basic soul and, being kindness and being doing giving-up improving

The good point and ” the falling condition ” are very akin and it is difficult and to seize out distinction but the completely different person appears when they such as the boss who always abuses itself and the parents of the social duty which the way of thinking doesn’t suit wear a lot of wrong impressions and feelings if thinking that the person has all shining souls and cast all off if being ” only I fall into the condition ”

The fearfulness of the wrong impression directly concerns the environment which surrounds yourself and you, too.

Of the environment well, to surround?

The wrong impression prevents that the work that you want to do, the life in the future which you draw, the distress to want to conquer you, the so needed one head for the bright direction which you wanted ” even if it was blink-of-an-eye ” and smashes it!

The wrong impression pulls conation to the learning, a result, all from the learning to the negative direction.

If being the wrong impression as it acts on the one that your wrong impression is better, I advance towards the direction which you want in the result.
By your power and the bigger power which surrounds you

Even if it is blink-of-an-eye in you, in the future which could be realistically imagined, I am a signature from the space that there is possibility that you can realize.

By determining to erase a wrong impression or to say that it changes today, today, changing tomorrow is hard but it is possible changing is done.

I am because I am doing that it is possible to assert so.

I was seeing my life most near and I realized a fact of ” the thing with loss, I am not made I am doing all if such a thing is made ” actually.

If there is a person who tried and actually felt and let out a result, it is not ” a pipe dream ”

You, too, attempt to do the challenge of changing a wrong impression by all means.

Don’t I understand a way?

Well, come to the meeting to me.
Politely to the hot blood, I tell.


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