Actually, I am!….

Most of the pains except the external injury are the vital-reaction which tells about the abnormality of the internal organs and the stagnation of the feeling!

Will I surprise when saying?


The pain ( the pain like a strained back and sprain while asleep ) as it runs in the getting startled which happens acute-ly originates in the jumpiness and the organization moisture lack and so on!

Will I become to feel unexpectedly when saying?


I think that the strained back is durability in the recognition to happen from the physical factors such as ” having heavy one ” and ” I did impossible posture ” but this is a big mistake.



But thinking that it is sometimes reminded of doing the being of the experience which was made a strained back



” Probably, I will have become strange at that time ” and ” possibly, I have the one which is heavy yesterday ” and so on



Had I never had cause searched for by force even if it didn’t know ” that it became bad from this time ” clearly?


Clinically, I hear the infering expression ” to think that it did an odd figure at ” ” probably, I think that it had heavy one ” ” night and that it was going to bed ” well.



That is



” There is a cause why I was cleared and it doesn’t happen “.



I am a fact.



Of course, there is one which is actually caused in the physical-agent, too, but the average of the strength in back is told that it does approximately 130 kg by the man thirtysomething and is told that it does 80 kg by the woman thirtysomething.




Because I think of と with the being of little daily about having one with such weight, if making hurting a muscle in the one of this equal to or less than, it is the fact that the problem suited muscle itself.



The cause that the problem happens at the muscle




The rigidity of the excitement of nerve and the jumpily depending muscle, the decline of the function to make relax a muscle



By the fault of the blood circulation, the nutriment and the oxygen to bring up a muscle aren’t well carried.



The abnormality of the anemia and the erythrocyte causes the lack of oxygen in the organization.



The lacking about flexibility by the muscle by the chill of the foreign factor and so on



The fiberization of the the muscle and the ligament and so on flexibility lack, the organization of them by the organization moisture falling



It is thought of.



The function of each organ is extraordinary, becoming the fundamental cause of the malfunction like the above.




When thinking of this at 5 lines of the Oriental medicine



The surplus shrinkage of the tree = liver feature extraordinary → muscle and the ligament of it and so on, the jumpiness



The fault of the moisture falling → muscle which accompanies fire = heart extraordinary → blood circulation worse, hypothermia, an elevation-of-blood-pressure and an elevation-of-body-temperature




The decline of earth = the digestive organ extraordinary → water absorption, the decline of the assimilation decrease the nutriment which is necessary for the muscle to maintain flexibility.



The inflammation of the muscle and the moisture falling by the money = the respiratory system extraordinary → cold and so on which depends, being hyperhidrosis



Water = kidney extraordinary → high blood pressure, the moisture falling by the frequent urination and so on, the decline of the moisture absorptive power by the decreased-renal-function



It is possible to catch.


Also, it is possible to discern which with 5 lines there there is a problem in according to the part of the pain roughly.




Saying the causing of a problem to the flow of the feeling of which organ in the individual part of the pain, I write down the treatment point.




When the part of lower back red’s seal is painful, the flow of the feeling of the liver, the gall bladder is extraordinary.

I am caused by the anemia, the nervous excitement, the feeling irritated, the strong tension and the stress.

I treat the part of the red seal of the back and the leg.







When the part which was shown by the blue seal of the lower back is painful, the flow of the gastrointestinal feeling is extraordinary.

I am caused by the eaing and drinking excess, the pain of the stomach, the malfunction of the bowel movement and so on.

I say that the feature of the gastrointestinal tract is represented as ” being 脾 ” in the Oriental medicine and that it takes the function to make relax an organization.

Therefore, because I think that the power to loosen a muscle = to make recover from the tension and the fatigue weakens about the malfunction of the feature of the gastrointestinal tract, there is a case that it has hurt a muscle original.

I treat the part of leg’s and back’s sealing up the blue.




When the part which was shown by lower back’s sealing up the green is painful, the flow of the feeling of the kidney, the bladder is extraordinary.

The strong pain develops in case of the high heat such as the balance-of-water malfunction, the cold, the influenza, too.

I treat the part of leg’s sealing up the green.

















The lumbago and the leg cramp for which it is easy to supervene

It becomes easy when water isn’t adequate after scratching sweat, and so on, for the leg cramp to happen and it becomes easy to happen in the bladder sutra which manages a balance-of-water = the green point.

I treat to forward bloodstream to the style to rub this green point.

Also, knead the part of liver sutra’s, and liver sutra’s = leg’s sealing up the red because the sill that the leg cramp happens is jumpy.

Massaging the treatment of the pain generally while saying the damage of the muscle and

Giving a strong electric-stimulation while saying neuralgia and

The treatment which has contradiction when doing a  ship while saying that it comes from the chill is flooding.

This becomes a trigger and becomes chronic and the discocele and the spinal canal stegnosis and so on think that it sometimes progresses, too.

It is necessary to make compose a nerve because the nerve is being excited = the fact that the electrical transmission is popular about the fact that there is a pain basically.

Therefore, the treatment to float down an electric light by the general low frequency treatment in this hospital and for the excitement like a strong massage to happen doesn’t go.

I improve the flow of the feeling while making compose a nerve by such a hand skill which sweeps away the part which has a pain or the part of the treatment which was shown by the seal in being soft – at く by the point of the aroma rubdown and I treat it.

Making lumbago the recuperation of the owner

Because alcohol makes a nerve be excited, while there is a pain, I am an absolute ban.

I should warm up if there is not an inflammation ( I am swelling, heat, a flare ), but I dry up and a muscle isn’t moistened and the getting well becomes late when warming up for a long time too much in the kotatsu and Cairo.

It will be better to warm up if the pain seems to reduce a  ship pleasantly temporarily if attempting to enter the bath lightly when not finding whether I should whether or not to be permitted to warm up or cool and it seems that it aches.

Also, be careful because I am often aggravated when doing exercise in the reason not to get well, and so on, when the muscle doesn’t discipline weakening.

The aerobic exercise and so on are valid but go after the strong pain reduces.


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